A spectacular and exciting event that will help to further promote the splendid setting of the Marca Trevigiana and Veneto.

The youngest sport

The «trendy» sport

A highly spectacular sport

Considered one of the Veneto region’s most spectacular landscapes, the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene and the ‘Grave’ (riverbeds) of the River Piave, will be the race course for the 2023 Gravel World Championships.

A “playground” perfect for lovers of a rural territory with its landscapes and the natural peace of a highly urbanised territory, full of excellences, services, places of historic, cultural and artistic interest with fine food and wine located in its major urban centres.

Elegant villas, sumptuous Palaces, religious buildings, mills and small hamlets make the Marca Trevigiana an extraordinary area offering a remarkable show of culture and the originality of architects that have not only written the history of the past but of modern times too.

In the midst of these charming hills and along the course of the sacred river ancient villages can be found that conserve historic centres with Renaissance Palaces and abbeys well worthy of a visit as well as the many small hamlets with houses made of stone where the visitor can still savour the atmosphere of medieval times.